About ScheduledSend

Hi! I'm Aaron Saray. I'm the owner of More Better Faster, and an experienced Laravel/PHP developer with over two decades of experience. I made ScheduledSend.io.

I wanted to schedule some toots for Mastodon but I couldn't find many options. The one website that was repeatedly referenced by blog entries and articles online didn't look very user-friendly. I'm not sure I even trusted it. (No offense fellow developer!)

So, it was time to make my own.

Instead of building in public, drumming up tons of marketing resources and spamming the entire community with a 'coming soon' - I opted for a simpler way. I was just going to build what I needed.

If others needed it, they were welcome to sign up and use it, too.

And that's how ScheduledSend.io came about.

Security and Privacy

The distributed nature and open-source genesis of Mastodon is a welcome relief.

Now that people are waking up to understand how big tech is taking and using your data as a product, it's time to place a premium on privacy.

I built this site with a focus on security and privacy. No Google Analytics or other trackers with questionable business practices here.


There are two things that really grind my gears: complex user interfaces and confusingly bloated legal documentation.

That's why my focus will be on making simple features incredibly easy to use and fluid.

Oh - and the terms and privacy policy lay it out exactly as it is - no confusing legal speak.

Ok Cool.

So there you have it.